Resource Planning



Hospital Information Management System is an all-inclusive integrated software that manages all aspects of a hospital’s operation. Inpatient/Outpatient record keeping, laboratory tests & results, patient billing and inventory management are all recorded and updated in real time to provide efficient, cost-saving and streamlined services. From the receptionist to the nurses to the specialists to the doctor on call, HIMS is available 24/7 to record, analyse and quickly share information effectively saving the hospital time, energy, resources and money.


Programs and Performance Management is a project management software that effectively monitors all aspects of a project from start to finish. By providing in-depth, accurate and visual analysis of projections, indicators, outcomes and milestones every step of the way, project managers monitor and evaluate successful execution and review of their projects while receiving notification on a scheduled basis. PPM is available on site or remotely via secure Cloud access that allows collaboration with everyone on the project team.