At Intelligent we provide Advanced Security Training, a training program that specializes in crime preparedness security, anti-terrorism, homeland security, border security and additional training projects for military, intelligence agencies and law enforcement forces.

Our training team draws its strength from the accumulated knowledge of the global and international security establishments, the trainers have combat-proven knowledge and expertise enabling them to provide a wide range of high level security, counter-terrorism and anti-crime preparedness training courses for local and foreign government agencies, as well as private enterprises.

Our trainings are delivered via classroom/workshop, practicum and hands-on training. The majority of these instructions have been refined to help security professionals internalize the most essential principles, procedures and practices found within their area of specialty.

Our training programs are split into two categories; integrated training and Specialty training.

Integrated Training
This program facilitates collaboration across related agencies within cities, counties and predefined jurisdictions. The training offers comprehensive strategies in an immersive, real-world setting designed to address everyday’s threats.

Specialty Training
These training programs are tailored for uniformed personnel such as police, military and civilian field personnel such as engineers, medics and contractors to address threats and other unique challenges they face in their line of duty.