Virtual Police Station

VPS is an Ecosystem consisting of Infrastructure and Software deployed as plug and play to automate entire police operations.

Built with Intelligence led policing in mind, it enables digital capture of Occurrence reports, Traffic, Arrests, Evidence and Armoury. It also has a robust prosecution module and incorporates Crime and Stolen items databases.

VPS will enable inter-agency cooperation and fast tracking of the investigative process by quickly analyzing data in real time, assisting security agents to be in the loop wherever and whenever.

VPS comes in two forms namely:

  • VPS Frontend, consisting of the Devices and Software in use by the Police and the Public
  • VPS Backend, consisting of the Infrastructure and Software supporting the Frontend.

VPS 8" Rugged Military Grade Tablet

A military and industrial grade IP67, IP68 and IP69 GSM/CDMA enabled tablet device. It is hand-carry and vehicle-mountable, ideal for fieldwork. Used by commanding officers, crime scene officers, traffic officers and...

VPS 5.5" Rugged Military Grade Mobile Device

A military and industrial grade IP67, IP68 and IP69 GSM/CDMA enabled mobile phone. It is ideal for use in investigative work, for viewing of reports and communication through the secure...

VPS 19 Inch Rugged Work Station

It is desk-mountable and ideal for station work. Utilized by the officers on duty at the station. Product Specifications: Portable Protection: Military and industrial grade IP67, IP68 and IP69 CPU MSM8953, 8 core...

VPS Citizen

VPS Citizen which is an App, downloaded and used by citizens to digitally make reports, make applications, view their documents and get assistance from the police. Reports, Applications and requests for Assistance are routed to Police officers stationed at the national contact centre.